September 13, 2006 - 7:30am

The 1991 Falcon 900 moving through Duncan Aviation’s facility in Lincoln, Neb., has been stripped of her weathered coat in preparation for a makeover in the paint shop, and work continues apace on furnishings and fixtures for the cabin.

September 13, 2006 - 5:42am

An onerous legislative proposal to mandate emissions monitoring at Santa Monica Airport (SMO) in Southern California was rejected by the state senate. California Assembly Bill 2501 would have required the airport to record the time that turbine engines run during ground operations at Santa Monica Airport so that exhaust emissions could be measured.

September 12, 2006 - 1:17pm

Boeing’s plan to shut down its Connexion in-flight Internet service by the end of the year has thrown the future of Rockwell Collins’s eXchange high-speed-data service into limbo as the avionics maker searches for a new program partner.  

September 12, 2006 - 1:13pm

For the music lover, Premier/West Star has installed an Alto Aviation Entertainment System (AES) in a Citation X. No ordinary audio setup, the premium sound system makes use of four custom mid/high speaker enclosures, two subwoofers and a high-power audio amplifier. Featuring special acoustic modeling and proprietary software, Alto’s engineers have worked diligently to ensure passengers hear music as the artist originally intended.

September 12, 2006 - 1:07pm

Honeywell has introduced the KDR 610 datalink weather receiver to the company’s Bendix/King product line, entering the hot market for XM satellite weather information to the cockpit. Designed to interface with the Bendix/King KMD 250, KMD 550 and KMD 850 multifunction displays, the KDR 610 is composed of a receiver, the cockpit display and an antenna.

September 12, 2006 - 12:06pm

The release of an Australian university’s study of how fire affects composite materials has caught the attention of the aerospace industry, given the growing use of composites as structural material, especially in large airplanes.

September 12, 2006 - 9:11am

About six months ago, someone–either a customer or an aircraft manufacturer–queried Rockwell Collins about a runway with a displaced threshold in a Pro Line FMS database. The airport databases in FMSs used in the Pro Line 4 and 21 avionics suites provide total runway length but not available landing distance (runway length less displaced threshold or usable length).

September 12, 2006 - 7:04am

By 2009, Nav Canada plans to install ADS-B ground stations around Hudson Bay, which straddles high-latitude airline flight paths between Asia, North America and Europe but lacks radar coverage. Currently, aircraft overflying the area must observe “procedural” separations that keep them approximately 80 miles apart, compared with five miles under radar monitoring.

September 11, 2006 - 10:52am

“Just as maintenance technicians must keep up with constant changes in aircraft systems, current and aspiring managers must stay up-to-date on the skills needed to effectively direct their department and to provide the ultimate  in customer service,” said Doug Bowen, director of worldwide maintenance training sales at FlightSafety International.

September 11, 2006 - 7:07am

Raytheon Aircraft Services now holds an STC for an auxiliary ground heating system for all Beech Premiers. The system provides pre-heat to the cabin without running the engines, even in “sub-freezing weather,” said officials. The system costs around $24,000 and requires 10 days to install, according to a spokesman. All Raytheon Aircraft Services locations are approved to install the upgrade.