Flight number

August 31, 2011 - 3:30am

In the days and weeks leading up to the August 2 changes that eliminated the Block Aircraft Registration Request (Barr) program, which for a decade had allowed Part 91 operators to suppress their flight information at online flight tracking websites, a number of business aircraft pilots were eager to find an alternative. And they quickly found a free-market solution.

April 21, 2008 - 6:23am

Sometime this month, homeowners surrounding the Boca Raton (Fla.) Airport (BCT) should be able to go to a Web site if they have a complaint about a noisy aircraft. Developed by Megadata of Greenwich, Conn., AirportMonitor software displays departing, arriving and overflying aircraft traffic with a detailed overlay map of the streets neighboring the airport up to 96 mi away.