Boeing Everett Factory

October 20, 2009 - 1:30pm

Boeing, Shanghai Airport Authority and Shanghai Airlines have opened a new two-bay hangar at their joint venture, Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services. Located at Shanghai Pudong Airport, the new hangar is a major element of Boeing Shanghai’s plan to become a significant aviation services provider in China.

September 28, 2009 - 12:07pm

Since Boeing 747-8 vice president and general manager Mohammad “Mo” Yahyavi assumed leadership of the program in February, the former head of the 737 P-8A Poseidon team has overseen a quiet transformation from an organization in a near state of disarray to one that Boeing Commercial Airplanes suddenly appears keen to promote as a model of efficiency.

September 24, 2009 - 7:55am

Boeing has begun installing the reinforcements for the side-of-body modifications to the first 787 Dreamliner test airplane and on the static airframe, Boeing Commercial Airplanes vice president of marketing Randy Tinseth revealed in his blog entry yesterday.

August 27, 2009 - 4:35am

Boeing announced today that it expects the first flight of the 787 Dreamliner to occur by the end of this year and first delivery in the fourth quarter of 2010.

December 11, 2008 - 5:07am

Boeing has finally confirmed the inevitable by announcing today that this year’s two-month machinists’ strike and further problems with fastener applications would delay the 787 Dreamliner yet again. The updated schedule now calls for first flight in the second quarter of next year and first delivery in the first quarter of 2010. The announcement marked the fourth major delay of the new design, leaving it almost two years behind schedule.

June 23, 2008 - 6:07am

Boeing last Thursday moved the 787 prototype designated for fatigue testing (aircraft No. 4) from the final assembly factory in Everett, Wash., to another production bay at the facility, where assembly work will continue. The move paves the way for the second flight-test airplane (aircraft No. 3) to advance to the next position in the production line today.

October 10, 2007 - 11:45am

Continuing “challenges” involving the assembly of the first Boeing 787 prototype have forced the company to delay first flight and certification by at least six months, Boeing said today. It now expects to fly the airplane for the first time by the end of next year’s first quarter and start deliveries in either late November or December 2008.

July 31, 2007 - 12:11pm

Some 15,000 well-wishers witnessed the first public appearance last month of the Boeing 787 in Everett, Wash., an event broadcast live via satellite in nine languages and “potentially” reaching more than 100 million people.

December 15, 2006 - 12:35pm

Boeing has signed the first firm contract with Chinese suppliers to build parts for the new 787 Dreamliner. Boeing Commercial Airplanes vice president and general manager of airplane production Carolyn Corvi represented Boeing in Beijing to finalize contracts for the 787 composite rudder, the 737 forward entry door and the 737 automatic over-wing exit door with Chengdu Aircraft, a China Aviation Industry Corp. I (AVIC I) affiliated company.

November 16, 2006 - 6:08am

One of the most technology-packed airplanes of all time recently received its brain, as it were. Rockwell Collins announced delivery of the Boeing 787’s core network cabinet, the first in a long line of components Collins is supplying for the program. The cabinet plays a key role in Boeing’s idea for an “e-enabled” airplane.