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September 19, 2006 - 10:24am

Aviall has agreed to be purchased by The Boeing Company for a reported $48 per share ($1.7 billion). The acquisition comes with about $350 million in debt. Aviall will become part of Boeing’s Commercial Aviation Services but will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary.

September 19, 2006 - 8:19am

The popular but, some would say, odd pastime of planespotting has recruited new high-tech help, a “virtual radar” hooked to a personal computer that allows spotters to decode transponder signals and track aircraft in real time.

September 18, 2006 - 11:52am

Notwithstanding this spring’s violent (and numerous) tornadoes, forecasters in the Midwest are able to make more accurate local weather predictions thanks to an airborne sensor being tested by NASA’s aviation safety program.

September 18, 2006 - 11:44am

XM Satellite Radio has Oprah and the Opie & Anthony Show. Sirius Satellite Radio has Martha Stewart and Howard Stern. Now each is diving headlong into the market for aviation weather datalink services, and pilots couldn’t be happier. XM was first on the scene with its “always on” weather service for aviation, available over much of North America for monthly subscription prices starting at about $30.

September 18, 2006 - 5:29am

Duncan Aviation has completed the installation and certification of a Max-Viz EVS-1000 enhanced-vision system in a customer Falcon 2000. The STC includes a provision to mount the system’s infrared camera on the vertical stabilizer and display the EVS image on two LCDs mounted on the glareshield above the pilot and copilot multifunction displays. Installed price for the system is about $146,000.

September 18, 2006 - 5:26am

Raytheon Aircraft Services last month completed the first installation of the Rockwell Collins Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) on a Hawker 800XP. Performed at Raytheon’s shop in Little Rock, Ark., the installation included a Collins file server unit capable of storing electronic charts and interfacing them with the airplane’s Pro Line 21 navigation displays.

September 18, 2006 - 5:20am

Airservices Australia has awarded a contract to Honeywell for the development of satellite-based precision landing systems that could eventually find a ready market in countries around the world. Honeywell will supply Airservices Australia with the GBAS (ground-based augmentation system) at large airports and GRAS (ground-based regional automation system) at smaller fields.

September 18, 2006 - 5:18am

The airlines that own Arinc are said to be interested in selling the 77-year-old aviation communications company, and the reasons are purely economic. Arinc posted impressive revenues of $890 million last year, but its owners, including financially troubled Delta and American, are reluctant to make necessary investments in the company.

September 18, 2006 - 4:53am

There is little evidence to support the idea that a single cellphone left on in a piece

September 15, 2006 - 6:02am

AirCell’s winning bid of $31.319 million for an important segment of the air-to-ground frequency spectrum last month bodes well for business jet operators and passengers, who stand to benefit from access to high-speed-data services available across the U.S. over a network of special ground towers.

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