AIN White Papers

How can you know for sure that the business airplanes and helicopters you charter are being operated safely and serviced properly? Is it possible to look past the high-gloss finish of the aircraft’s exterior, the neatly uniformed pilots, the attentive flight attendants, the attractive and comfortable cabin, the gourmet meals and the friendly salesperson who convinced you that this aircraft operator is just the one for you, and tell that the flight will be safe?

When the economy is good, many owners will sell their current aircraft before its warran­ty expires, because this will enhance the aircraft’s value and marketability. Then they trade up to a newer aircraft that has more time under warranty. But when the economy falters, many owners keep their aircraft longer, even if this means the aircraft will go off the manufacturer’s warranty. This means the owners are now faced with finding a good maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider that specializes in out-of-warranty airplanes.

The global expansion of business and commercial aviation has created an increasing demand for flight operations in which the aircraft itself needs transporting for such reasons as maintenance, delivery to a new owner and other missions that have nothing to do with moving passengers and cargo. These missions fall under the rubric of “ferry flights.”


AIN White Papers are in-depth reports on select aviation subjects, which are prepared by AIN Publications in collaboration with an industry sponsor.

These highlighted topics delve deep into operational challenges and focus on solutions that currently exist in the marketplace.

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