April 2019

Aviation International News

April 2019

This month, AIN publishes the annual results of its survey of FBOs throughout the world. Since the 1980s, AIN’s survey report has not only profiled what it takes to be a top performer in the eyes of pilots and other aviation professionals, it is a barometer on what is new and evolving in the world of private aviation terminals and service.

We also have expert analysis and insight into the Boeing Max situation, and what to expect as the investigation unfolds. While there has been a lot of loud posturing on what this all means, AIN has factual reporting on where the research leads, and what we can learn from the tragedies that have led to where we are now.

April also is the time for our report on this year’s International Operators Conference. This year has lots to consider, with upcoming ADS-B and FANS 1A equipage issues, and concern over the UK Brexit conundrum. There have also been concerns over global military action and its effect on international flying.

Speaking of safety, Kerry Lynch has written about the NTSB’s call for increased safety in Part 135 operations. The recommendations that Part 135 adopt more of the measures applied by Part 121 comes on the heels of reports on the 2017 Learjet accident at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, among other input.

And on the rotorcraft stage, we report on how the eVTOL industry presents itself as a “revolution” in air transportation, comparing upcoming changes to the dawn of the jet age in the 1950s and ’60s.

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