April 2020

Aviation International News

April 2020

April marks the publication of AIN’s annual FBO Survey report. The reporting is bittersweet, as so much of what has come before is now prologue to an uncertain future. But this year’s survey results, reported in the accompanying report compiled by group publisher Dave Leach and senior editor Curt Epstein, tell the story of an industry on the cusp of a bright future. Despite the pause button that has brought everything into sharp focus, we can hope that the momentum resumes in the months ahead.

Also, we compensated for the lack of ABACE news with an impromptu special report on business aviation prospects in China. Pending the outcome of pandemic fallout, prospects for the China/Asia-Pacific market remain one of the great unknowns for manufacturers. service providers, and operators in the region.

Coming in under the wire (before the national shutdown) were the Women in Aviation Conference and the annual NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference, which shut down a day early in deference to the pandemic.

Finally, other than the international healthcare industry, the air transport sector has borne among the most serious damage in the current crisis. Air Transport editor Gregg Polek has been a dynamo. combining his minute understanding of the nuances of this industry with a big-picture view that we stack up against any of the industry’s most insightful analysts. His work is well represented in this issue.

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