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Lifeport develops quick-change stretcher kit for Agusta helos

 - September 28, 2006, 1:58 PM

Lifeport, of Woodland, Wash., announced that it has developed new stretcher, seat and armor systems for helicopters.

The company’s quick-change secondary patient stretcher kit for the Agusta A109 Power and the A119 Koala can be used in dedicated and nondedicated EMS helicopters.

The kit mounts on either side in the aircraft cabin and features a single-point automatic-release mechanism, a rotating base and positive stretcher guides for secure patient on- and off-loading. The base and stretcher fold and store easily in the aircraft cargo area and convert quickly from single- to dual-patient transport without specialized tools. FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) approval for the new stretcher system is expected next month.

Separately, Lifeport has won a contract to design, manufacture and certify new lightweight quick-configure crew seating for two Bell 412EP helicopters recently purchased by the Los Angles County Fire Dept. The new seating will feature a rag-and-tube design with flip-up seat bottoms and four-point inertial reel restraints. The seats can be distributed at any one of 10 seating positions along the Lifeport seat-rack system without the need for specialized tools.

In addition to EMS components, Lifeport has developed a ballistic protection system for use in aircraft and potentially other vehicles. The system already has been test fit in a variety of aircraft, according to the company, which is exhibiting in Booth No. 1940.