Paris Air Show

Mubadala’s ADAT signs up to service GE, IAE engines

 - June 17, 2009, 10:14 AM

Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT) will take a central role in maintaining General Electric engines–including those ordered by Etihad Airways here at the Paris Air Show on Tuesday. ADAT, which is part of the Mubadala group, has also entered into an agreement with International Aero Engines (IAE) to become the first IAE-approved shop for V2500-A5 and V2500 SelectOne engines. Under the agreement, IAE will support ADAT to establish repair and overhaul capability at its Abu Dhabi base by 2011.

Last year GE and Mubadala formed a broad strategic partnership covering areas such as commercial finance, clean-energy research, plus development and training. This was followed by the establishment of an $8 billion commercial finance company and a “leadership and development center.” Mubadala also took a 0.62-percent stake in GE “in line with its commitment to become a top-ten shareholder.”

This laid the ground work which has, among other things, enabled GE to say here in Paris that it would be outsourcing specific engine support activities, and to agree to providing specific technical support and services to Mubadala’s MRO affiliates ADAT and SR Technics.

The agreements will mean that ADAT becomes the first MRO network provider for the GEnx-1B and -2B engines, covering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The corresponding repair facility “will become fully operational in 2013,” according to a joint statement issued by GE and Mubadala.

ADAT will also become “a member of GE’s MRO network of on-wing support service providers, primarily focused on the GE90 (and subsequently the GEnx) engines,” said the statement. This will entail ADAT performing “modular assembly/disassembly for Etihad Airways’ fleet of 36 GE90-115B engines [current and on order].”

For the GE CF6 and CFM56 engine types, ADAT and SR Technics (CFM56 only) will receive engine overhaul and technical support such as sharing best practices through Six Sigma processes, “to improve shop productivity and reduce costs.” This is as part of a 10-year OnPoint Solutions agreement whereby the GE will provide “new and used serviceable parts, component and accessory repair.”

Finally, ADAT’s role in maintaining the engines powering the UAE Air Force’s F-16 fleet (F110-GE-132s) will be “enhanced” so that ADAT becomes “a recognized F110 service provider throughout the Middle East region.”

ADAT has also agreed to become a member of the GE/P&W Engine Alliance’s MRO network for GP7200 engines, which power the 10 Airbus A380 aircraft Abu Dhabi-based carrier Etihad has on order. ADAT and GE expect to finalize the transaction by the third quarter of this year with a view to the Abu Dhabi facility being operational by 2012.