ATC Service Begins at East Hampton

 - June 25, 2012, 4:00 PM

The seasonal control tower at East Hampton Airport (HTO), East Hampton, N.Y., is scheduled to open on Tuesday, June 26. The tower frequency (125.22) will be actively staffed with contract controllers from Robinson Aviation between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

The East Hampton tower is not a member of the formal FAA contract-tower program, which means the local community must pay the entire operational cost of the facility. Community officials hope operation of the tower during the busy summer season will help reduce noise issues around the airport, especially from helicopters. 

HTO uses two active runways, the longest of which is Runway 10/28 at 4,255 feet.


A fool's endeavor meant only to bring more traffic to the Hamptons...not less noise as the Town administrators would like us to fall prey to believing. This is an outrage and the town is favoring the wealthy 1% who selfishly wish to arrive in "their" Hamptons rapidly. As a full time resident who loves our small airport, I was taught to fly as a young girl, my brothers have their pilots licenses, and our father owned two planes. I am not against the airport but I am against expansion as our community can not sustain it and I, along with my neighbors on the South and North Fork are being assaulted by helicopters, jets, and seaplanes so that what made our pristine Hamptons so alluring is being ruined. We do not need FAA funding to run our own airport. Our town owns it. Let's run it properly and think of our community and what more air traffic will mean to everyone and economically how it will impact the value of our homes and quality of life. We endured 25 helicopters on Thursday alone...all over our home due to the flight path established three years ago. Helicopters are incessant. Our airport, while host to private jets, is filled with numerous helicopters as they are the aircraft of choice now. Expansion of the airport is wrong and will ruin our community. The tower will not lessen the noise but merely attract more air traffic, especially when and if the additional runway is opened. Anyone who thinks otherwise is misled or is lying.

As private pilot flying an old taildragger I always enjoyed landing a East Hampton for a coke and some times seeing Cliff Robertson around since the mid fifties. The new tower is really is a total waste of money and not necessry. This airport was there long before the complaining residents. If they are willing to give up their lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed whackers and loud parties we can talk about noise!