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Seats and Cranes? They’re as Similar as East/West

 - March 7, 2013, 12:30 PM
Energy-attenuating seats

East/West Industries took the opportunity at Heli-Expo to feature two of its products that share little in common on the surface, except for innovative design and safety considerations.

“Our energy-attenuating seats are the lightest seats on the market, and accommodate the entire range of potential occupants without any adjustments,” said Joseph Spinosa, vice president for business development. “The occupant merely sits down, buckles in and gets full protection. We provide the same protection level for all occupants, not just the 50th percentile model.”

East/West (Booth No. C5624) offers its energy-attenuating seats to both commercial and military operators, with notable market penetration in the latter category. Spinosa said that Boeing has selected the company’s seats for the CH-53K program, as well as for both new CH-47F Chinooks and as a retrofit option for older models. The company is also part of the development team on Sikorsky’s S-97 Raider.

“Of all the most recent programs, we’ve been winning [contracts on] them because of the light weight, value and protective qualities of our product,” Spinosa added.

At a different end of the product spectrum, East/West is also spotlighting its Master Crane portable floor crane system for aircraft maintainers. The manually operated compact crane may be used to complement ceiling-mounted overhead cranes or be deployed to assist with repairs in the field.

The master crane offers up to 1,500-pound lifting capability to 20 feet in height, and has nine feet of reach into the aircraft. “It is a very reliable and capable piece of equipment,” Spinosa added.