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Lightspeed Offers Personal Headset Options

 - October 24, 2013, 9:40 PM

Headset maker Lightspeed Aviation (Booth No. C11137) is offering a new aviation headset with a suite of options that offer a “personal flying experience” the company abbreviates as “PFX.” The options include “acoustic response mapping” and “streaming quiet.”

“Acoustic response mapping” uses sound waves and advanced signal processing to measure the user’s ear size and shape, adapting audio to each pilot’s “unique auditory landscape.”

“Streaming quiet” is the name Lightspeed applies to its active-noise-reduction system, which uses external, ambient microphones to continuously sample cockpit noise before it penetrates the ear cup. A digital processor analyzes microphone inputs one million times a second and creates active noise reduction.

The two technologies are incorporated on the company’s new “Zulu PFX” headsets. The new headsets also feature a Kevlar core for light weight, as well as other popular capabilities including auto shutoff and Bluetooth connectivity. Personal preferences such as bass, treble, intercom and auxiliary inputs, in-flight recording, and voice clarity can also be set on a smart phone via the FlightLink app.