Dassault Tweaking Falcon 7X Fuel System, Mx Schedule

 - May 15, 2014, 2:45 PM

Dassault is planning to roll out several improvements for the Falcon 7X this year, both as retrofit and for new-production aircraft. One of these upgrades includes the fuel system, which is being modified to cut refueling time.

To increase operational availability, Falcon 7X maintenance intervals are being increased. The basic check, which used to take place every two months, is now being rescheduled for every 300 flight hours. Moreover, the time between two A-checks will be extended sometime next year.

To address delays and cancelled flights, 7X support engineers have determined the most likely cause: initialization–the automatic sequence when the aircraft is powered up–and have developed fixes for 55 percent of the identified issues and temporary solutions for most other items, according to Damien Farret, a specialist in Falcon 7X customer service.

Separately, a flight-test campaign will take place this summer in Tibet to certify the 7X for 15,000-foot-high airports. There are 218 Falcon 7Xs in service, flying an average 400 hours per year, according to Dassault.