Mexico Eases Restrictions on Non-Revenue Bizav Flights

 - July 3, 2014, 2:10 PM

U.S.- and foreign-based operators flying aircraft on a charter certificate but conducting private, non-revenue operations to Mexico have been given a reprieve from cabotage rules imposed in April by Mexico’s aviation agency, Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil. The new rules, which are effective retroactively to June 3, “clarify that operators with aircraft listed on a charter certificate are once again allowed to operate those same aircraft to Mexico as private, non-revenue flights,” according to NBAA.

NBAA, the FAA and other industry groups “expressed great concern” following the restrictions, since they effectively prevented any aircraft placed in a charter management company structure from operating privately in Mexico. The restrictions were implemented following a high-profile accident.

“We are pleased that the Mexican authorities lifted these restrictions and restored a proven system that allows for the safe monitoring of general aviation operations while providing operators the flexibility of travel that is so important to business aviation,” said NBAA operations specialist Peter Korns. He noted that the language in the new circular continues to restrict aircraft that enter Mexico with a private, non-revenue permit from operating as a charter while in the country. Mexican authorities can impose sanctions or detain the aircraft if such aircraft are discovered operating as a charter while in Mexico, NBAA said.