Textron Aviation Opens Full Cessna, Beech Lines to Special-mission Market

 - July 15, 2014, 2:00 PM

Textron Aviation announced yesterday at the Farnborough International airshow that its entire range of Beechcraft and Cessna products is now available in special-mission configuration. All 20 current-production aircraft “fit numerous mission profiles, including aerial survey, air ambulance, flight inspection, aerial surveillance, training and utility transport,” the company said. “With the combination of the Beechcraft and Cessna products within Textron Aviation, we now offer the largest proposition of special-mission platforms in the industry,” said Textron Aviation special missions vice president Dan Keady. “We have seen significant growth in special-mission activity around the globe and anticipate this market will continue to grow across our aircraft, from our piston-engine Beechcraft and Cessna products up to the largest Citation.”


This is a very smart move by Textron to diversify its portfolio. Although the biz av market still looks like it will be fairly okay over the next ten-twenty years, it is always a good idea to identify new revenue streams. The company has identified one of them with the announcement it made today.