Flying Classroom Departs For Global Education Tour

 - September 23, 2014, 2:25 PM

In a mission years in the planning, pilot Barrington Irving departed from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport today in the Hawker 400XP that will serve as his flying classroom for educational tours of all seven continents. The first expedition in the aircraft, which has been dubbed the {{ITALICS}} Inspiration III, runs through November 18 and will include stops across North America and in both Asia and Australasia.

The education program devised by Irving and the flying classroom is billed as an “interactive learning adventure” covering topics included in the U.S. Stem+ curriculum (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, history, geography and humanities) through 16 ground, air and sea expeditions.

Irving’s departure followed a career fair for local students that included guest speakers such as NASA administrator Charles Bolden Jr. The Hawker 400XP was provided by Miami-based Executive Air Services. Universal Weather & Aviation is supporting Irving (the youngest pilot ever to fly solo around the world) with trip logistics. Among the other sponsors are Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Jeppesen, FlightSafety International and British Petroleum. Educational partners include Skype in the Classroom, the National Educational Association, NASA, National Geographic and United Teachers of Dade.