Survey: Bizjets Used for Time Efficiency, Not Luxury

 - October 7, 2014, 2:28 PM

Newly released results from Aviation International News sister publication Business Jet Traveler’s 2014 Reader’s Choice Survey reconfirm that those who fly privately do so primarily for efficiency, not luxury. Among the 1,200 business jet fliers who participated in the fourth annual BJT survey, “save time” again emerged as the number-one reason for using business aviation, followed by “ability to use airports that airlines don’t serve.”

When BJT asked readers how their flying has changed over the past year, 46.4 percent said they “flew about the same” as in the year before. Meanwhile, 27.8 percent said they flew a bit or much more, 17.5 percent said a “bit less” and 8.4 percent “much less.” Asked about the year ahead, 50.8 percent expect to fly about the same, while 39.6 percent anticipate flying a bit or much more. Only 9.5 percent plan to fly a bit or much less.

Readers also identified the three most important features of a business aircraft as range, economical operation and cabin size, respectively. Surprisingly, speed ranked sixth; cabin amenities 10th; product support 11th; and baggage space last in 12th place.

The survey results also include readers’ preferences for fractional share providers, jet cards, charter operators and aircraft models, among other data.