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Emteq Lighting for 787 Completion

 - October 25, 2014, 11:00 PM

Emteq has been awarded a contract to provide its Quasar full mood lighting system for a Boeing 787 VIP completion that is scheduled to be delivered next year. Included in the contract are a Quasar ceiling dome light and Quasar II wash lighting. The 115-VAC system uses self-regulating power consumption and, as such, dispenses with a transformer rectifier unit, with an attendant weight saving. The lighting system interfaces directly with the cabin management system, requiring no additional controllers. Part of the B/E Aerospace group, Emteq is also providing Quasar mood lighting for a Bombardier Global 6000 undergoing completion with Innotech Aviation. The company has also signed an agreement so that its eConnect suite is available as part of Satcom Direct’s product offering.