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KaiserAir Offers FANS for Gulfstream IV and V

 - October 25, 2014, 10:30 PM

KaiserAir of Santa Rosa, Calif., announced a Fans 1/A upgrade for the Gulfstream IV and V to comply with new communications mandates. The upgrade solution was designed to be cost-effective and swift to install.

KaiserAir is expecting the STC to be awarded around 100 days after the program’s inception, having performed ground and flight-testing in August.

To satisfy ADS-B mandates KaiserAir is using the Rockwell Collins TRD-94D mode-S transponder. Other new systems for Fans come from Universal Avionics, which is supplying UNS-1Ew FMS, CVR-120A cockpit voice recorder, UL801 communications management unit and SSDTU data loader. Installation of the upgrade kit is expected to take 10 to 12 days.

Adding Fans 1/A is becoming increasingly important for long-range aircraft that fly oceanic routes. There are already North Atlantic routes restricted to Fans-equipped aircraft, and more tracks will follow next year. With airlines pushing for Fans-only tracks, noncompliant business operators will be increasingly pushed aside into less favorable routes, winds and altitudes.