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Aviation Partners Boeing Wins 2012 Lindbergh Corporate Balance Award

 - November 1, 2012, 1:00 PM

The Lindbergh Foundation chose the first day of the 2012 NBAA Convention to award its prestigious Corporate Award for Balance to Aviation Partners Boeing, a joint venture between Aviation Partners (API) and Boeing created in 1999 to equip Boeing aircraft with API’s blended winglet technology. The winglets have saved billions of gallons of jet fuel and significantly improved the performance specifications of Boeing jetliners.

Lindbergh Foundation chairman John Petersen said, “It is exciting to recognize a company that so clearly demonstrates the Foundation’s vision of progress through balance. Not only has the blended winglet technology made significant progress in reducing drag and fuel consumption, but in the process it has decreased noise and pollution.”

In accepting the award, API founder and CEO Joe Clark said, “Any time you can improve the productivity and performance of an existing asset, while making it more eco-friendly, it is a wise investment.”

The Lindbergh Corporate Balance Award is an initiative of the Foundation’s Aviation Green Alliance project, which is currently running a five-month awareness campaign to highlight advances in green aviation. The ad campaign features the stories of individuals behind green initiatives in aviation and highlights the contributions they have made. The December ad will feature Burt Rutan. The ad series concept, copywriting and design were donated by the Greteman Group.