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See and Be Seen - Vigiplane Displayed in Use for First Time

 - December 12, 2012, 1:40 PM
The Vigiplane security system detects aircraft intrusions, sending notifications to a server, cell phone or other digital device.

Visitors viewing the Airbus ACJ318 on static display (A15) here at MEBA 2012 are being viewed right back by the Vigiplane, the bright yellow, autonomous-monitoring system locked onto the jet’s nosegear.

Cameras, infrared sensors and radar on the Vigiplane, from Blue Green Technology in Bordeaux, France, record pictures and video that can be viewed remotely in real time. In the event of any type of intrusion, the system delivers instant notifications to a dedicated server, cell phone and other digital communication devices.

Blue Green Technology introduced the Vigiplane at MEBA 2010. This marks the first time the device has been displayed in use in public. Company spokesman Michel Bianco said the government of a Middle East nation, which he declined to name, purchased 15 of the devices at cost of about $50,000 per unit. –J.W.