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EASA Awards Airbus Helicopters Single Production Approval

 - February 5, 2018, 8:41 PM

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Airbus Helicopters have just implemented a new, single Production Organization Approval (POA), replacing previous individual approvals from France, Germany, and Spain with one integrated framework.

“The implementation of the single POA allows us to work as a truly integrated company, and ensures that our various sites are no longer considered as each other’s suppliers from a regulatory perspective,” said Christian Cornille, Airbus Helicopters’ executive v-p for industry. “[This] will streamline certification processes associated with our manufacturing activities, create synergies and improve our competitiveness.”

EASA deputy flight standards director Ralf Erckmann said the approval “ensures continuity of [Airbus Helicopters’] production procedures across its various European production sites, according to Europe’s highest safety standards,” while proving that “EASA and the European National Aviation Authorities work hand in hand for the benefit of the European aviation industry and its customers.”

Airbus Helicopters has been operating under a single Design Organization Approval (DOA) from EASA since 2016, which has simplified and harmonized development processes and facilitated a transactional approach to certification, according to the company.