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ITT Enidine's Helicopter Products Smooth Out the Ride

 - February 26, 2018, 7:35 PM

Elastomeric bearings and dampers used in helicopters are somewhat like the springs and shock absorbers of a car. Their common goal is to reduce vibration, which is healthy for both people and machines. To that end, ITT's Enidine brand recently added of high-capacity laminated (HCL) elastomeric bearings and Frahm dampers to its portfolio of rotorcraft products.

“Enidine offers a flexible, personalized approach to meeting the demanding applications requirements of rotorcraft design,” explained David Snowberger, rotorcraft business development manager at ITT Enidine. “Our ability to design, develop, test, and produce products all within one facility allows us to bring the highest-quality engineered components to market on time and under budget.”

Enidine’s HCL elastomeric bearings are flight-critical components that give rotorcraft designers precise, engineered control over stiffness and damping, reducing in-flight vibration and allowing flexibility in the blades and rotor assembly. The brand’s Frahm dampers (dynamically tuned vibration absorbers) are used on rotorcraft airframes and rotors to reduce vibration and increase comfort for passengers and pilots.

This week at Heli-Expo 2018, ITT Enidine (Booth C4929) is showing its full range of rotorcraft applications, including multi-modulus HCL, journal and spherical bearings; Frahm dampers; pylon isolation systems; engine, APU and ECU isolators; and cabin noise attenuation systems.