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Searidge Digital Tower Chosen for Sydney Airport Trial

 - November 16, 2019, 12:14 AM

Airservices Australia has selected Searidge Technologies’ remote digital tower solution for an initial prototype at Sydney Airport for possible contingency use, as well as paving the way for remote tower applications at other Australian airports. The program’s definition stage is currently underway and scheduled to be completed by March, according to Ontario, Canada-based Searidge (Stand 365, GATM pavilion).

“Digital aerodrome services will allow us to optimize our future service delivery and improve safety outcomes for the industry and traveling public,” said Peter Curran, Airservices Australia’s executive general manager for air navigation services. “It also means we can support greater resilience at our major airports and be responsive to service level requirements.”

Leveraging its digital tower experience with major hub airports such as Heathrow, Singapore and Hong Kong, Searidge is installing a 4K video display with panoramic views of one of the busiest runways at Sydney Airport. This prototype will showcase the ultra-high-definition views of the main operating areas and create a facility for controllers and regulator CASA to experience the features of a digital tower, including its use for contingency operations.