FlightAware Fuses ADS-B View with SkyAware

 - April 12, 2021, 5:13 PM

Owners of FlightAware-compatible ground-based ADS-B receivers can now view all traffic seen by their receivers in a fused view on the new and free SkyAware Anywhere service. The SkyAware Anywhere view is available from any internet connection, according to FlightAware. “This easy-to-use solution provides users with a secure, raw view of everything their ADS-B receivers are seeing in real-time on one map.”

With SkyAware, hosts can view real-time traffic from multiple ADS-B receivers and using various filters. These include speed and altitude as well as aircraft type and identification.

FlightAware offers free FlightFeeder ADS-B receivers for locations where more coverage is needed, with a priority given to airports and FBOs. Those interested in joining the network can build their own PiAware ADS-B receiver, which combines a low-cost Raspberry Pi computer with a FlightAware ADS-B device and antenna.

Once a FlightFeeder or PiAware ADS-B receiver is switched on, the host can get a free Enterprise account from FlightAware, which includes eight months of historical flight data, unlimited flight alerts, registration numbers for flights that go by call signs, ATC call signs, and full-screen maps without advertisements. The FlightAware host can see traffic via ADS-B and multilateration, including performance statistics for the host’s own receivers and which aircraft those receivers tracked. There is no extra charge to use SkyAware.