Autonomous Flight Opening Orderbook for Y6S Plus

 - January 4, 2022, 9:03 AM

Autonomous Flight is now inviting prospective customers to place pre-orders for its six-seat Y6S Plus eVTOL that the company aims to start delivering in 2024. The UK-based startup also has confirmed that it is set to launch a Series C fundraising round to raise an additional $100 million to support work to get the all-electric model certified and into production.

Design work on the Y6S prototype is now complete and Autonomous Flight intends to work on this vehicle in 2022 as it prepares to complete the assembly of the Y6S Plus production version in 2023. The company said the aircraft will offer a range of around 100 miles and cruise at 125 mph, supporting commercial flights at altitudes below 2,000 feet across large cities such as London, while also connecting cities across the north of the UK.

The planned Series C funding round will build on an initial $7 million Series A round, and a Series B round that is now being concluded and which is expected to raise a further $25 million. “We are edging ever closer to a reality where drones will become a regular mode of transport in cities around the world. We are years away from this reality, not decades,” noted Autonomous Flight founder Martin Warner.

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