Avidyne Mixes Active-Surveillance and ADS-B Traffic

 - April 11, 2013, 8:05 AM
The Avidyne TAS-A display combines ADS-B and active-surveillance systems in one unit.

“Midair collisions statistics are revealing,” said Avidyne COO Patrick Herguth during the company’s press conference at Sun ’n Fun 2013 (Booth C-71). “Fifty-nine percent of midairs happen near the airport; and 54 percent are between aircraft flying in the same direction.” Herguth was citing a 10-year-long study published by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass.

Avidyne Corporation has studied the MIT work and participated in FAA testing of NextGen systems as well. All that led the company to take the best of its active-surveillance traffic system and combined it with ADS-B into TAS-A systems with VeriTAS. The VeriTAS system correlates the active traffic and ADS-B traffic data and can refine the inner collision zone to reflect flight path and closing speeds.

“The TAS-A series from Avidyne makes an even safer collision-avoidance solution for general aviation pilots,” said Herguth. “The VeriTAS technology cuts down on nuisance alerts that were associated with legacy TAS and Tcas systems,” he continued.

The TAS-A series includes the entry-level TAS605A ($10,990) with a 21-nm traffic range; the TAS615A ($14,990) for high-performance aircraft, with a 30-nm traffic range; and the TAS620A ($20,990) for aircraft that need to see traffic as far as 40 nm away.

The TAS-A series, along with the previously announced AXP340 Mode-S 1090MHz extended squitter transponder necessary for ADS-B Out, will be available later this year.