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Paris 2011: United Continental Orders Blended Winglets for 767-300ERs

 - June 20, 2011, 9:35 PM

United Continental Holdings has ordered blended winglets for its Boeing 767-300ERs from Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) of Seattle, Washington. With the order, the U.S. airline group becomes the largest single customer of APB, having ordered 375 Blended Winglet systems to date.

Together, United Airlines and Continental Airlines have ordered blended winglets for every Boeing commercial aircraft type for which APB has certified the product. Initial installations on 14 767-300ERs will begin early next year.

Blended winglet technology installed on the 767-300ER reduces fuel burn by up to 500,000 gallons per aircraft per year, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 5,000 tons, APB said. In addition, blended winglets can extend the range of the aircraft by as much as 320 nm, or increase payload by up to 16,000 pounds, the company claims.

Since certification in 2009, APB has taken firm and optional offers for 340 Boeing 767-300ER blended winglet systems. The company estimates that United Continental’s investment in blended winglets is saving the airline approximately $200 million per year in jet fuel costs.

APB is a joint venture of Aviation Partners and Boeing (Chalets A328, B321).