Dubai Airshow

Boeing Sees Six-month Horizon for 787 Fixes

 - November 17, 2013, 2:15 AM

Boeing sees the reliability of the 787 Dreamliner improving to originally targeted rates within six months, company vice president of sales for the Middle East Marty Bentrott told a gathering of reporters yesterday during a pre-show briefing here in Dubai. Responding to Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker’s recent comments about his dissatisfaction with the reliability of the Boeing 787, Bentrott noted that the issues didn’t affect only Qatar, but that Boeing remains committed to resolving them as soon as possible.

“We have a large Boeing team in Doha supporting that fleet, helping them with their maintenance activity,” said Bentrott. “You take the technology that you have on the 787 today and the amount of information that’s being generated and to a large degree flowing to the flight deck and in front of the pilots, it’s probably a little bit too much. With that intense amount of information it causes them to perhaps be a little bit more concerned about certain functions or certain technical glitches when, if you just make some changes in software, you can deal with those problems. So we’re making good progress; the fleet reliability is improving. Do we have additional work ahead of us? Yes, but I think we’ll be turning the corner pretty strongly in about six months from now.”

Bentrott insisted that the new airplane, despite its reliability travails, has delivered its advertised efficiency gains. Qatar, he said, started operating its airplanes 16 hours a day as soon as it took delivery.

Qatar now operates nine 787s out of a total of 30 on order.