In The Works: Vulcanair VF600W Mission

 - September 25, 2006, 12:28 PM

According to Vulcanair director of sales Remo De Feo, the VF600W Mission is still an active program, though it has been “severely delayed due to a number of factors.” These include a lack of funding to continue planned development of the turboprop single and several unplanned modifications that set back the flight-testing program.

Another factor is a lack of resources due to several other ongoing aircraft projects at Vulcanair, such as the re-engining of the P68C high-wing twin with SMA diesel engines.

“Right now, with the load having been somewhat lifted on the diesel program, we are re-attacking the VF600W Mission,” he told AIN. The airplane was expected to resume flight trials last month, “and after about 10 hours of flight, which are needed to gather additional data, we will remodulate the program accordingly and make another serious plan for possible deliveries.” Until then, De Feo is unable to provide a new estimate for expected certification.