Light helicopter makes score in Asian market

 - August 11, 2008, 9:40 AM
Just a few short years ago, the manufacturers of small, low-cost helicopters targeted Asia as the market of the future for their brand of inexpensive vertical-lift aircraft. And few onlookers took them seriously. Today it seems that some of these small helicopter crafters are laughing all the way to the bank. In the wake of a recent 44-helo Enstrom sale to Indonesia, along comes Schweizer, with news of another delivery of two more 300C helicopters to customers in China. One new 300C was delivered to Shanghai Sikorsky Aircraft Co. Based in Shanghai’s Gaodong Heliport, this helicopter is being used for flight demonstrations to potential customers of Shanghai Sikorsky, the exclusive manufacturer and sales agent in China for the Schweizer product line. In Sichuan Province, a new 300C is now operating at Tri Star General Aviation based in Chengdu. The Sichuan Forestry Bureau plans to use the helicopter for agricultural spray operations in the Sichuan region. With the delivery of this helicopter, the fleet of Schweizer helicopters in the Chengdu area has grown to four. The Civil Aviation Flying College, with headquarters in Guanghan, has been operating two Schweizer 300CBs and one 300C since last September in various pilot-training and general aviation missions. The addition of these aircraft to China’s civil fleet brings to seven the number of Schweizer helicopters delivered to China in the past year.