Hot Section: Millennium Concepts will supply Piperjet crew and pax seats

 - November 30, 2010, 10:22 AM

Piper Aircraft has selected ­Millennium Concepts to provide the passenger and crew seats for its new PiperJet Altaire. According to Kevin ­Reifschneider, Millennium’s president and managing director, the seats have been tested by the National Institute for Aviation Research and proven to withstand loads of up to 30gs while maintaining ­compliance with FAA requirements.

The crew seats feature adjustable headrests, a break-over seat back and recline. The passenger seats include a three-point restraint system while the crew version has a dual-harness torso restraint system, adjustable height, floor tracking and lumbar support.

Reifschneider said the design uses lighter materials, injection molding and CNC-based manufacturing techniques as opposed to traditional welded frame design using steel, which is generally heavier and less efficient.