VistaJet cabins get an additional touch of class

 - February 23, 2011, 10:00 AM

Charter operator VistaJet has taken luxury a step further with a cabin makeover that includes everything from cashmere blankets to designer uniforms for the crew.

The decision was announced at the Monaco Yacht Show last September by Swiss financier and VistaJet founder and chairman Thomas Flohr. The owner of a Baglietto-built 138-foot yacht, Flohr expressed the belief that ≥luxury product development is a key business driver, and our cabin redesign is an essential investment in the overall experience of VistaJetπs clients.≤

Flohrπs daughter Nina, a 2008 graduate of New York University, where she studied art history, was assigned the task of translating that yacht experience to the cabins of VistaJetπs fleet of more than 30 aircraft.

Creating a VistaJet signature cabin was not the first job she undertook for her father. She was also involved in design of the VistaJet passenger lounge at Samedan Airport in St. Moritz. The company describes the facility, which opened in 2009, as ≥an extension on the ground of the comfort and luxury experienced in the air.≤

For the cabin interior redesign, Nina Flohr went decidedly upscale, with 100-percent cashmere blankets and throws, linen tablecloths and silver and China from Christofle of Paris. ≥We even ordered cashmere pajamas for our passengers on the long-haul flights.≤

≥We knew our client expectations, so part of our goal was to exceed those expectations, especially with the small things that set you apart from the rest,≤ she said.

Among those small things is a contract with Harvey Nichols of London to provision each aircraft from its collection of gourmet snacks. For those who question the exclusivity of ≥snacks,≤ Harvey Nichols offers giant toasted ants, a rare delicacy much loved by the Guane Indians of Colombia, Thai green curry crickets and barbeque-flavor worm crisps. For the less adventurous passengers, thereπs Ike & Samπs crunchy caramel popcorn, and special items for those on a gluten-free or vegetarian diet.

For the crew uniforms, Flohr went with Milan-based stylist Giancarlo Petriglia, who is also creative director for Trussardi design and fashion. ≥Despite the language barrier, we got on well from the start and he understood my vision of uniforms that must be elegant but functional, for pilots and flight attendants.≤

Flohr describes the final product as global in nature, to please any client of any nationality in an environment of warmth and color. ≥The design is global, but the service is local, personalized to meet the clientπs expectations.≤

After all, she said, ≥VistaJet is a lifestyle, not just a product, and these additions reflect that sentiment.≤ Nor is the job complete with the last aircraft that went into service in early February. This is an evolving project based on client feedback, and we already have some new ideas.≤

Based in Salzburg, Austria, VistaJet has a global reach with a presence in 10 major cities from Hong Kong west to Los Angeles. The all-Bombardier fleet is made up of the Learjet 45XR, Learjet 60XR, Challenger 605, Challenger 850 and Global Express XRS.