Teroforma Features Something Stone Cold

 - June 29, 2011, 3:20 AM

As growing numbers of business jets include refrigerator/freezers as part of galley equipment, new products are introduced to enhance the dining experience.

A couple of years ago, Connecticut-based design “incubator” Teroforma, introduced the whiskey stone, a means of keeping expensive, aged spirits chilled but not allowing them to become diluted. Soapstone is non-porous, notes the company, and will not trap flavor or aroma from one round to the next. The frozen soapstone blocks do not melt and are more efficient chillers than frozen water.

Now the company is introducing the Ekke Shot Glass, which also takes advantage of soapstone’s inherent ability to retain cold. Stored in a freezer, or simply prepped there for a few hours before use, they are perfect for preserving frozen vodka or, when warmed first, for keeping saki at the proper temperature.

Each glass holds two ounces (a pony shot) and is hand-polished by Amit Stoneworks in India. A gift-boxed set of four “glasses” sells retail for $40. A gift box of 9 Whiskey Stones retails for $20.