New Kalogridis Carpet Gets Glowing Review

 - March 6, 2012, 9:55 AM
Designers at Kalogridis have developed a technique for weaving fluorescent yarn into carpet.

The design team at Kalogridis International has new carpet done with thick (or fat) yarn, a novelty item to create a large “ultra-loop” pile that is “luxurious and gentle to the touch.”

In addition to using fat yarn, the company is employing a new technique for weaving fluorescent yarn into the same carpet, in everything from random patterns to scenes to corporate logos.

According to the designers–Angela Borja, Sarah Dupree, Dora League, Audrey Liptak and Sheila Minehane–the glow that appears when lights are dimmed is akin to the lush glow of the sea anemone. The group is working on carpet with a wave pattern in fluorescent yarn.