Republic Fires Pilot Union Head, Draws Teamsters Ire

 - June 4, 2013, 2:30 AM

Officials for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters charged Republic Airlines management last month with violating training rules and the recommendations of its FAA check airmen by firing the president of the carrier’s local Teamsters chapter, Craig Moffatt. In retaliation, the Teamsters pulled union volunteers involved in joint safety programs, crew scheduling, training and other functions for all three of Republic Airways’ regional subsidiaries–Republic Airlines, Chautauqua Airlines and Shuttle America.

“The company not only violated our training program, it abused the trust of our check airmen and other pilots,” said Teamsters Local 357 vice president Gary Czachowski.

“The company’s action in manipulating the work of our check airmen raises serious questions about the integrity of the company.”

The Teamsters said Moffatt was the company’s second direct target of a union volunteer. It claimed that the company improperly tried to discipline a pilot last year after he worked on a union-sponsored website that criticized the company.