New developments and products in avionics, specifically about aircraft electronics in the cockpit.

Aug 10, 2022 - 10:27 AM
Continuing 5G concerns prompt requested for expanded radar altimeter exemption for air ambulances
Astronautics sign outside of its headquarters location
Aug 4, 2022 - 12:48 PM
All of Astronautics divisions are now co-located at the same facility for the first time in the company's more than 60 year history.
Flight deck display of HomeSafe autoland system activated in TBM 940
Aug 4, 2022 - 11:47 AM
Under the HomeSafe retrofit program, Elliott Aviation completed autoland installations into 29 TBM 940s.
Aug 2, 2022 - 6:36 PM
The latest approval expands the applicability of uAvionix's STC for the AV-30-C electronic flight instrument to many more single- and twin-engine airplanes
Aug 1, 2022 - 3:19 PM
Honeywell is helping business jet operators take advantage of the lower minimums and greater precision offered by RNP AR instrument approaches.
Jul 29, 2022 - 11:16 AM
PAC International recently upgraded a Michigan police Bell 407 with an Aeronautical Accessories/Garmin G1000 NXi retrofit kit.
Dassault Falcon 8X dual-head-up display in business jet flight deck
Jul 29, 2022 - 11:08 AM
Falcon 8X operators can now install a second FalconEye head-up display as a retrofit, or buyers can option a dual-HUD installation.
Radiant's portable flight sensor pack displaying an artificial horizon
Jul 27, 2022 - 2:19 PM
Radiant's portable flight sensor pack combines an artificial horizon with common flight instruments.
Garmin's G1000 NXi avionics suite in an Embraer Phenom.
Jul 27, 2022 - 10:43 AM
Clay Lacy Aviation has completed its 10th installation of Garmin’s G1000 NXi fully integrated flight deck upgrade on an Embraer Phenom 100.
Aspen Avionics Evolution flight display aviation
Jul 26, 2022 - 10:38 PM
Aspen Avionics' flight displays will be able to interface with Garmin GFC 600 autopilots with release of new software later this year.