Readers Choose Former Cessna CEO for Top FAA Post

 - February 20, 2012, 7:53 PM

In an informal reader poll conducted on AINonline, readers chose Jack Pelton, the former CEO of Cessna Aircraft, by a margin of 46 percent (89 votes) to be the next FAA Administrator.

Coming in second was Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the US Airways captain who successfully ditched an Airbus A320 in the Hudson River, with 20 percent (39 votes) and in third place with 12 percent (22 votes) was Deborah Hersman, current chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board.

The also-rans included Tom Poberezny, former EAA president, 8 percent (16 votes); Michael Huerta, former Deputy and now acting FAA Administrator, following Randy Babbitt’s resignation as FAA Administrator, 8 percent (15 votes); Donald Trump, New York, businessman and former presidential candidate, four percent (7 votes); and Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California, actor and bodybuilder, 3 percent (5 votes). Rush Limbaugh, radio talk-show host and conservative commentartor, recevied one write-in vote.

The current AINonline reader poll, asking the question “What is your current employment status as a business-aviation professional?” will close on Friday, February 24.



Just to refresh everyone's memory, this is the same Jack Pelton that LIED about his fake degrees to become the CEO of Cessna. He then outsourced the entire production of the Cessna SkyCatcher to CHINA? That Jack Pelton? Wait a minute.., he's a liar and he screws-over our country.., He should fit it PERFECTLY in Washington!

Of the people that were voted on, Mr. Pelton and Poberezny would be the two most qualified people to head the FAA. Far better qualified than any of the others by a large margin. Those two have much more aviation experience and proven track record than all of the others put together. Sully would be my third choice and the others could stay home and not even be considered.
General Avaition couldn't be lucky enough to have either as FAA Administrator.

Other then Mr. Huerta this list is short of what is needed to actually run the FAA and handle all the politics that is inherit in this job. I agree with Doug regarding Jack Pelton as for Trump and Rush all they have is big mouths attached to oversized ego's. Tom and Sully deserve better then being dumped into this bucket of S..T! The "Governator" at least has some political skills , but his record would not help GA.

Pelton, Sullenberger, Donald, Deborah, Arnold. You are JOKING. God help us if people in aviation consider any of these people. Won't say anything against Tom, except NO. Michael don't think so. I'd vote for bringing Randy back, so what if the windshield-wiper didn't work and he didn't see the street center-line clearly.

The statistical reliability of such a miniscule sample is effectively nil. That you should publish it indicates that editorial control is non existent.

Edmund, we have a firm handle on editorial control. I know the chart looks pretty and as such can be distracting, but did you actually read the accompanying text that starts with “In an informal reader poll…”? We never claimed this was a scientific Gallup poll or anything along those lines.

Pelton, not sully. sully will no be for ga.

Without a question, hands down, this job belong to Sully. This guy will not let anyone down. He has the integrity, impeccable reputation and he is hero. He won't desert anyone, that 's for sure.

Somebody must be joking. Any licenced A320 pilot can land this aircraft in calm water safely. To list this man and Donald Trump as candidates for the next FAA Adminstrator for your readers to pick speeks volumns about the quality of your site. I am very disappointed.

Thomas Hsueh

Don’t judge a website by its poll question, just as you wouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

BTW, is this the same Thomas Hseuh that bought the Adam Aircraft assets? If so, we haven’t heard anything from you in awhile – what’s going on with that?

I think Mr. Pelton could easily pick up the reins of the FAA. Granted outsourcing production of major products were done on his watch but he only answers to Textron Corp. Pelton was Charlie Johnson's assistant and took over when illness beset Mr. Johnson, who by the way was Russell Meyers II fair haired boy. I personally know that connection from Wichita. Heck, Meyer was only a banks lawyer from Iowa, who fired Jim Bede from American Aircraft Co.

Ex union chief of any kind shuold never become a governement agency administrator of any kind. least of all, the FAA where the interst of traveling public, Aircraft manufacturers, pilots, FBO and other aircraft related business and service providers must be balanced impartially and wisely for the good of our nation.

Thomas Hsueh

what else will happen to this greedy nation?
out sourse mfg.,build airplanes in china,5mill. out of work,drugs,fees at airports,
gas sky high, I could go on and on,but washington is GREED,GREED,99% will pay for it......the next 6 generation, will we be speaking CHINESE?

I sure hope everyone remembers how Mr. Pelton "lied" about his two Master's degrees he "earned" from Hamilton University before he could ever be considered for a job like this.

But on the other hand, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and pretend he actually thought these degrees (that other people take 2-4 years to complete) were legitimate. In that case he's a complete moron.

So, does the FAA need a leader that is either completely without ethics, or completely stupid (or both)?