ABACE Convention News

Honeywell Sky Connect Allows Satellite Tracking And Comms

 - April 17, 2013, 5:40 AM

Honeywell’s Sky Connect Tracker III combines voice, text and flight-tracking technologies into a single system designed for helicopters. Sky Connect uses the Iridium satellite communications network, and operators can use Sky Connect to make voice calls at the same time as sending text messages and tracking the helicopter’s position anywhere in the world.

If the helicopter is also equipped with Honeywell’s Zing health-and-usage monitoring system (HUMS), Sky Connect Tracker III can also integrate with Zing and deliver near real-time HUMS status reports to ground and operations crew. HUMS can assist with vibration monitoring, help detect mechanical faults before components fail, eliminate the need for portable rotor track and balancing systems, monitor engines for operational data and exceedances and monitor flight data parameters for helicopter flight data monitoring systems.

Once a helicopter lands, Sky Connect’s “last position vector powerbank” feature can send the final position report after the pilot shuts down the engine. This system also sends a final position report if power is interrupted.

More information is available at Honeywell’s ABACE booth (H200). –M.T.