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Test Pilot Travolta Puts New Challenger Through Its Paces

 - May 21, 2013, 5:00 PM
Actor John Travolta took his passion for flying to a new level when he joined Bombardier’s flight test program for the new Challenger 350 jet. (Photo: Mona Brown)

That Bombardier’s new Challenger 350 has the seal of approval from its celebrity brand ambassador John Travolta is hardly surprising. What did grab people’s attention at EBACE today was that the movie star has been working as a flight test pilot supporting the airframer’s efforts to get the new super-midsized jet certified.

“I felt like an astronaut,” he told a packed Bombardier booth here in Geneva today. “We did full performance takeoffs and climbed straight to 41,000 feet. This aircraft is definitely going to break records. It’s like a homesick angel.” Watch Bombardier video of Travolta's flight.

Stressing that he hadn’t joined the other Bombardier flight test crew as a PR stunt, Travolta was soon expounding effusively about the attributes of the latest Challenger. “I didn’t think the stall was ever going to happen and when it did happen we recovered so smoothly,” he enthused. “The flight displays are just so clear and pilots love that. The situational awareness is superior to anything I’ve ever seen. It’s a really pilot-friendly airplane, and I want one.”

Travolta later told AIN that he frequently is asked for advice on private aviation by friends in Hollywood. He got actor Chris Meloni (erstwhile detective Elliot Stabler on NBC’s TV drama Law & Order) hooked on flying and has also guided Tom Hanks into finding the best options for private flying.



If Bombardier needs the likes of John Travolta touting it's product as a flight test engineer/pilot...heaven forbid the product.

Doubt if Bombardier "needs" Travolta, oh and by the way, do YOU own and fly a personal B707? Or anything else? "heaven forbid the product". What the hell is that supposed to mean? Get a life.

What do McDonalds and Bomardier have in commom?
Both have a clown for a spokesman.

Come on guys, you're better than this.

Like a fine suite .....
Its the MAN / WOMAN that makes the plane. We need less button pushers and more proficient pilots. It really make no difference that airplane (light sport, King air 300, or the space shuttle) As long as everyone make it back to mother earth safely, isn't that all that matters?

Stop acting a fool and get out and fly. Accident rates for commercial carriers are down, lets work on bringing cooperate and GA flying more safe.
Keep up the good work John.

When is your next movie?

Sheesh...so what if Travolta extols the virtues of a new jet? He's an accomplished pilot and that's where the concern of this thread should be. If Harrison Ford extols the virtues of a newly designed backwoods machine, are you going to call that company silly? Good night!


I agree, hes a clown. for you old timers, remember when flight safety gave him a vfr only type rating in a citation. what the hell were they thinking. only reason hes still around is his pilot kept him out of trouble. sad day when things have gotten to this

You can tell by the way I walk I am a Test Pilot, no time to talk
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin aliiiiiiiive

Travolta wants everyone to believe he is a professional pilot. He only has what he does because of his money. Calling him a test pilot is an insult to the men and women that truly are Professional Flight Test Pilots.

Yuup, he' a clown! Test pilot! Ya right! He done more stupid stunts flying which shows his lack of respect for the profession.