NBAA Convention News

AOPA Extends Insurance to Commercial Operations and Flying Clubs

 - October 24, 2013, 10:10 PM

Bill Snead, president of Wichita-based AOPA Insurance (Booth No. C10424)–a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association–put it most succinctly when he presented the company’s new options to members at NBAA 2013. “FBOs are our primary targets with our new commercial insurance offering. Beyond that, we are ready to insure corporate flight departments to a very high limit of liability,” he told AIN. “We know we can offer competitive rates, and that’s exciting.”

The company is also expanding into charter operator insurance, including Part 135 operations, agricultural operations and even manufacturing and repair facility insurance (which includes product liability insurance).

Snead admitted that flight schools are one of the company’s main targets, and he expects to introduce a product that will appeal to flying clubs as well. “As an AOPA company, we want to support the growth of the pilot population. It is a core mission. With that said, we have nearly completed a broad offering for flying clubs nationwide that will include officer liability, CFI liability and aircraft coverage. It is a little complicated based on the type of club incorporation, but we hope we can cover the broad spectrum of flying clubs out there,” he said.

Beyond its new offerings, the company plans to expand its “accident forgiveness” program, which is popular with its customers. AOPA Insurance also now manages AOPA’s term life and dismemberment and disability policies.