EBACE Convention News

Vision Systems Introduces Dimmable Window and IFE Solution

 - May 22, 2014, 7:20 AM

Vision Systems Aeronautics (Booth 2809) of Lyon, France is unveiling here at EBACE 2014 two new products: Energia, a self-powered dimmable window; and VisiStream, a solution for Wi-Fi inflight entertainment (IFE) and connectivity.

Energia, the first self-powered dimmable window, represents a green solution for solar protection in the cabin. Utilizing WysipsGlass technology, transparent photovoltaic cells integrated into the window glazing harvest solar energy on the ground or in flight. The energy is directly used or stored in a battery incorporated into the window to power the dimmable window, completely independent of the aircraft’s electrical system. The undimmed window offers a light transmission rate of 90 percent and can dim completely in five seconds to regulate light, glare and heat entering the window. The level of dimming can be controlled by a button at the window or from a control panel or smart device.

The new IFE solution, VisiStream, was created in response to growing demand for simultaneous streaming from tablets and other smart devices. It includes a single box allowing audio video on demand connections to 200 personal electronic devices simultaneously. Options include satcom for Internet access, email and texting, cabin management, media content update via Wi-Fi and a real-time digital video surveillance system.

Vision Systems is also showcasing its cockpit sunvisors and blinds, manual and motorized shades and SPD smart windows here at the EBACE show.