Aspen Avionics Acquires GPS Manufacturer Accord Technology

 - June 24, 2015, 12:00 PM

Aspen Avionics has purchased Accord Technology, which manufactures the NexNav GPS sensors and was the first GPS manufacturer to receive FAA authorization for meeting Technical Standard Order C145c.

Accord Technology manufactures a line of three GPS receivers: the NexNav Mini, NexNav Max and NexNav Micro. The company is a joint venture of Accord Software & Systems of Bangalore, India, and AvValues of Phoenix and is a supplier to many avionics manufacturers. Aspen Avionics will retain the Accord offices and production facility in Phoenix, and the combined companies will be named Aspen Avionics, while retaining the NexNav brand name. AvValues founder Hal Adams will be executive vice president of business development for the new company.

“This is going to give us access to GPS technology for the expansion of our product line,” said Aspen Avionics president and CEO John Uczekaj. “Aspen is heavily involved in the general aviation community with [glass] displays and ADS-B, but one thing we’ve been lacking is GPS. This is going to give us access to GPS technology for expansion of our product line and for future ADS-B platforms, both fixed-wing and helicopter, and future UAVs that will need ADS-B.” The acquisition also positions Aspen Avionics to enter markets for aircraft larger than the primarily piston-powered airplanes and light helicopters it has been targeting with its Evolution displays.

Evolution installations currently use a non-certified GPS as an emergency backup, with navigation position information provided by connection to certified GPS receivers installed in navigators made by other avionics manufacturers. ADS-B installations also require a TSO-C145c-compliant GPS.

The new Aspen Avionics will continue its policy of working with other vendors and not cloaking its technology under proprietary constraints. “We are an open-systems company,” Uczekaj said. “We’ve always worked well with others, and we’ll continue that strategy.”

For other customers, such as avionics manufacturers that use GPS sensors for their navigation systems, Aspen Avionics will “continue with all Accord initiatives,” he said. “This is a great opportunity for the Accord GPS line. We expect to expand our business in a lot of markets where GPS technology is useful in aviation.”

Aspen was founded 10 years ago and has delivered more than 9,000 cockpit systems.