Dubai Airshow

Gama Aviation Touts Sharjah FBO

 - November 9, 2015, 11:30 AM

Gama Aviation (Chalet B16) is here promoting its FBO at Sharjah Airport, just north of Dubai. The location is very convenient for those users who are doing business in Dubai downtown, Martin Ringrose, managing director for Gama Aviation in the Middle East, told AIN.

Compared to Dubai South, it is much closer–a 30-minute drive at most, Ringrose said. “And DXB is harder and harder to use,” he added. His Sharjah FBO offers prices that are 20 percent below the market average, Ringrose went on, and a 170,000-sq-ft apron is now available in front of the terminal.

Seven aircraft are under management contract at Sharjah, two of them being available for charter. Paris, London and Nice are the top destinations, according to Ringrose. Gama Aviation also offers line maintenance on Globals, Challengers, Embraers and Boeing BBJs.

Looking at the near future, Gama Aviation is predicting a significant increase in aeromedical evacuation services in the UAE. “With an expanding population, a large internal road network and all the modern maladies of our 21st century sedentary lifestyle, the use of aeromedical services within the UAE and the wider GCC region is undoubtedly set to expand,” chief marketing officer Duncan Daines explained. Moreover, with “some of the best hospitals in the world, the UAE will increasingly be a beacon for people in the region needing urgent medical assistance or specialist healthcare,” he said.