NBAA Convention News

SmartSky Goes the Distance for Corporate Angel Network

 - November 18, 2015, 8:43 PM

SmartSky Networks has found a way to make those miles NBAA 2015 showgoers walk at the Las Vegas Convention Center good for more than burning calories. The company, which will beta-launch its SmartSky 4G air-to-ground network by the end of the year, created its 4 Gives More program to raise money for the Corporate Angel Network.

SmartSky has distributed Fitbit personal monitors to its partners and early-bird customers to track the distance each participant walks from the start of the show until the NBAA/CAN Soiree Wednesday evening. It will then tally the mileage and donate $4 for every four miles they walked. Given the Convention Center’s imposing 3.2 million sq ft and more than 1,100 exhibitors to visit at the show, as well as the many aircraft in the static display at Henderson Executive Airport, attendees’ shoes should take a beating.

“Rather than complaining about tired convention feet, now our collective footsteps can do some good,” said SmartSky Networks president Ryan Stone. “We’re hoping to write a large check this first year and more substantial ones in the future as our customer base grows.”