Jet Aviation STL Signs 35th 120-month Global Inspection

 - April 26, 2016, 11:43 AM
(Photo: Jet Aviation)

Jet Aviation St. Louis has signed a contract to perform a 120-month inspection on a Bombardier Global Express XRS, the company told AIN yesterday. It is the MRO’s 35th such inspection for the Global series.

“We’re about to perform our 35th Global 120-month inspection to date, with even more on the books,” said sales director Aaron Kreissler. “When a customer’s aircraft is opened up to the extent required for this inspection, they want it done by someone who has done it many times before. Our customers know that our experience allows us to address the known trouble spots first, and that minimizes surprises on the back end.”

The inspection is required 10 years after the initial delivery and mandates the disassembly of most of the aircraft for review of the airframe and structure, including the landing gear. Cabin interiors are removed and refurbished or replaced. According to Kreissler, many customers also have their airplanes repainted during the inspection since the aircraft will be out of service anyway. “Complementing the dedicated hangar for servicing Globals, Jet Aviation St. Louis has all of the necessary capabilities in-house through its backshops,” he added.