Avionica Customers Offered GigSky Data Services

 - August 29, 2016, 8:38 PM
GigSky's 3G/LTE network facilitates immediate data transfer from Avionica's miniQAR MkIII and 4G Data Transfer Module.

Avionica has partnered with mobile data provider GigSky so customers can use the latter's worldwide 3G/LTE network when using Avionica’s miniQAR with the 4G module for uploading safety data after each flight. According to Avionica, customers will pay a yearly rate to send data over the GigSky cellular network and won’t be charged roaming fees for data transmission while traveling in other countries.

“With the partnership,” said Sean Reilly, Avionica vice president of business development, “we will be able to offer a full turnkey solution for our customers.” This means that Avionica acts as the enterprise manager for customers using the GigSky service, and Avionica’s support personnel can take care of most problems involving connectivity issues. If they can’t handle the problem, GigSky’s customer support technicians are immediately available. “The customer does not have to get the hardware, then try to find a service provider to go along with it. Business jets fly all over the world, and they can get into very costly roaming charges,” he added. 

The Avionica miniQAR and 4G module allows customers to upload safety data using Avionica’s AvSync secure network and GigSky immediately upon reaching a destination, without the need to physically download information from the QAR. The GigSky service doesn’t throttle data speeds, and it is available in more than 190 countries and territories, including Cuba. Customers pay an annual fee for the service, so the amount of data uploaded doesn’t affect the cost. 

The GigSky service is available now, and Avionica’s equipment is certified on more than 250 aircraft types, from business jets to airliners. The company is offering a promotional bundle for the miniQAR and 4G module with one year of AvSync service running on the GigSky network. 

“We see the market expanding on the business jet side,” Reilly said, especially for companies implementing their own flight operational quality assurance (FOQA) program. Uploading data from the miniQAR eliminates the need for maintenance personnel to extract data from a flight data recorder.