Survey: Nearly 50% Might Sell Bizcraft if User Fees Implemented

 - September 15, 2016, 1:15 PM

According to an AIN reader survey, nearly 65 percent of respondents said the amount of business aircraft flying they do would be affected “a lot” if aviation user fees were implemented under the proposed privatized ATC system the U.S. “Look at how privatization of ATC has affected Europe,” one reader commented. “Many people around the world have to come to the U.S. to learn to fly due to the ridiculous fees elsewhere.”

Only about 12 percent said user fees wouldn’t affect the amount they fly at all, while 23 percent said these charges would have a minimal effect. Almost half of all survey takers said such fees could potentially lead to the disposal of their business aircraft.

Sixty-seven percent of respondents said that a flat or variable user fee structure would be equally detrimental to business aviation, while about 12 percent said a flat-segment charge would be worse and 14 percent said a variable fee based on location and type of approach would be more harmful.

More than 66 percent said the gridlock in U.S. Congress is harming business aviation, with about 70 percent saying they expect this logjam to continue even after the November elections. One reader comment summed it up perfectly: “Washington is a mess, with little hope for improvement.”

Looking at the Presidential slate, 63 percent believe that Donald Trump would act in the best interests of business aviation, while only about 14 percent felt the same about Hillary Clinton. Another 20 percent said either candidate would be good for business aviation, and 4 percent believe neither will help the industry.