Mayo Clinic Pilot Health Service Added to USAIG Safety Program

 - September 21, 2016, 11:51 AM

Mayo Clinic’s aeromedical program for pilots, ProPilot, has been added to USAIG’s Performance Vector safety initiative. The program combines Mayo Clinic’s “comprehensive, customized health-care approach with a supportive team of medical professionals who fully understand the FAA medical certification process and the unique stresses pilots face.” When a policyholder selects ProPilot as its Performance Vector option, USAIG covers the annual program fee for up to 10 of its pilots.

“Mayo Clinic represents the very pinnacle in advanced health care and has a long and distinguished history in aviation and aerospace medicine," said USAIG chairman and CEO Dave McKay. This relationship, he said, “will advance wellness and help our policyholders’ pilots sustain long, productive flying careers—factors vital to aviation safety."

Each participating pilot receives a member card and visits Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., for an annual aeromedical physical examination. ProPilot functions as the flight department's out-of-house medical director, working supportively and proactively to sustain pilots’ medical certification and fitness-for-flight duties, USAIG said. If a condition threatening a pilot’s medical certification emerges, the program uses the Mayo Clinic’s “substantial expertise to bear, maximizing the opportunity to resolve the issue favorably.”

Other ProPilot benefits include referrals for additional screenings or tests recommended for proactive health management; access to specialized medical care if a medical condition arises; resources that help promote health and wellness, as well as resolve or prevent injuries or chronic conditions; discreet, de-identified reports to flight department managers to sustain fitness for duty among the organization’s pilots; and advice and assistance with FAA waivers, special issuance applications and emerging pilot health concerns.