FalconEye Gets EASA, FAA OK for 2000S/LXS

 - October 12, 2016, 8:03 AM
Dassault Aviation's FalconEye combines synthetic and enhanced vision

Dassault Aviation obtained European Aviation Safety Agency and U.S. FAA approvals for use of its combined vision system, known as FalconEye, aboard the Falcon 2000S/LXS. The French manufacturer anticipates similar approvals for the Falcon 8X shortly.

Unveiled last year and offered as an option on both the 2000S/LXS and 8X, FalconEye is designed to raise situational awareness in a range of weather and operating conditions during day and night. The head-up display (HUD) system combines synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping and thermal and low-light camera images into a single view.

The system has a fourth-generation multi-sensor camera that provides high-definition images close to the clarity of a military FLIR. The camera displays a 30- by 40-degree field of view in synthetic vision mode to extend the viewing field and avoid tunnel vision.

Certification follows a two-year development effort involving both flight and simulator testing. Dassault plans to certify the system for dual-HUD configuration on the 8X. Dual approval is expected in 2018.

The feature has proved popular with 8X customers, with 90 percent opting for FalconEye.